Lightning Talks at the Reception

This year at InterLab we are going to host a round of Lightning Talks to open the Reception Dinner at the American Museum of Science and Energy. The Lightning Talks will begin promptly at 6pm on Monday, November 2nd.

Our goal for the Lightning Talks is simple: Start a conversation! We want you to tell us what you are passionate about. It could be technical. It could be fiction. It could be complete fantasy. Use this to start a dialogue that will carry on the rest of the evening after you step down from the podium!

Presenters are given five minutes to share their imaginative ideas, concepts, stories, and talents.


  • Share one great idea — Tell a story, motivate, and inspire. Keep it concise.
  • Be passionate — You can talk about  programming, design, social media, history of Kashmir, investor tips, dollar bill origami, or play us a tune! There is no limit to the subject area – we want to know what you’re most passionate about.
  • Make it quick — Presentations must be five minutes or less.
  • No slides — It’s only 5 minutes – you can do it! Speak it like a senator.
  • Have fun! — This is your chance to share your passion for your great idea. For inspiration, read How to Give a Great Ignite Talk or watch a lightning talk on writing Unix daemons to see how a seemingly dull topic can become amazing.

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