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Joseph R. Lewis

Joseph R. Lewis is the Chief Web Architect at Sandia National Laboratories, where his activities include research and development of semantic web, social media, and mobile technologies for scientific collaboration and national security applications. Mr. Lewis is an author of two books on web development: Foundation Website Creation with CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript and AdvancED CSS.

Jacob Parcell

Jacob Parcell is the Manager, Mobile Programs within GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies. He works with federal agencies to clear a citizen-centric path for mobile access to government. He is the community manager of the Mobile Gov Community of Practice, which is a cooperative collection of more than 45 federal agencies interested in implementing ciitizen-facing mobile products including, but not limited to, mobile web, SMS and apps. The Mobile Gov Community is crowdsourcing Mobile Gov information on the Mobile Gov Wiki.

John Galvin

John is an advanced applications engineer in Brookhaven National Laboratory’s Web Services Group. He is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining numerous dynamic web applications. John has been the prime developer behind Brookhaven’s custom content management system which serves as the platform for all web pages serving up the Laboratory’s syndicated news, features and events. He is also responsible for developing Brookhaven’s first mobile-friendly web apps. John has a knack for logical and efficient information architecture; simple, functional, and elegant interface design; and the ability to look at any work process and readily identify ways to make it more efficient through the application of information technology.

Ann Rafferty

Ann Rafferty is the Web Project Lead for the Communications and Government Affairs Office at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and is currently directing the External Website Redesign Project. This project encompasses building out a low maintenance site with highly-groomed interactive web-based content with delivery specific to mobile devices and to targeted audiences with a strong emphasis on user testing and usability. Ann has designed and developed web sites for over 12 years, owned her own design business, worked in marketing and communications for a bioinformatics company, and been an advertising executive and creative director for an advertising agency. She recently finished a two year program in personal leadership and is currently facilitating youth-oriented groups interested in developing principles of deep democracy, and personal and societal transformation.  She is most interested in finding effective ways to communicate about life-changing science to the world beyond scientists, especially a new generation who will need an understanding of what science is and its impacts in order to take an active part in policies and shaping the world they will inherit and live in.