Virtual InterLab, Summer 2014

The Virtual InterLab webinar event details from June 26, 2014 are archived below.

Date: Thursday, June 26, 2014
Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM MDT

Enterprise Drupal at SLAC

Enterprise Drupal CMS: 2000 Websites, 5 pros, 1 platform
Content Management Systems are generally good for helping end users manage the content of their site(s) but how does an organization create, manage, and support potentially thousands of websites? SLAC will share our experience with the recent implementation of an enterprise Drupal 7 platform that allows us to centrally manage all external and internal web properties created using the platform. We will walk through the challenges as well as the wins.

Topics included:

Presenter: John Doumani

Web Collaboration at Sandia

Collaborative tools are considered essential to success in large enterprises. Why that is true is not necessarily fully understood. Often, the employees do not adopt the tools as expected and the tools end up lightly used or entirely ignored.

Successful implementations have been studied and what is becoming clear is that up-front planning and understanding why the tools exist is essential to success. Knowing the audience and purpose of the tools is a start. Being able to make clear what the individual benefits will be and getting a critical mass of users on board is also important. If you’re hoping to build a community, having an active community manager and support system in place makes the difference and leads to thriving digital communities.

What is Sandia doing towards these goals? Let’s talk about where we’ve failed and succeeded, and where we think we’re headed.

The archived slide presentation is available: Web Collaboration at Sandia.

Presenter: Hope Niblik