InterLab 2013 Updates for February

We are excited to announce that the InterLab 2013 Web Collaboration Workshop is set for June 3-6, 2013, hosted by Sandia National Laboratories at the Sheraton Uptown in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Save the date! Here’s some things to know and prepare for as the date approaches:

  • Put in your conference travel requests to your lab management ASAP. While you don’t need to book flights or hotels yet, many labs are requiring some sort of approval process to allow travel to these sorts of events. The good news is that we have costs well below the DOE’s $100K threshold and plan to offer an informative yet cost-effective event.
  • Conference registration costs per attendee is expected to be $400 or less.
  • Event will be held at the Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown. We will have a block of 50 rooms reserved at the per diem rate of $81. Book by May 12th to get the per diem rate.
  • Evening events will include a Monday informal group tram excursion to Sandia Peak, a Tuesday night reception at the Sheraton Uptown, and a Wednesday night gala event at theĀ National Museum of Nuclear Science and History.
  • The Sheraton Uptown is in a very walkable neighborhood with access to shopping and restaurants, and you could easily get by without the need of a car to save on costs. We will arrange bus transportation to the Sandia Peak Tram event and the Atomic Museum gala.
  • MostĀ meals will be catered except for the informal Monday evening event, providing additional expected cost efficiencies.
  • The DOE approval process is ongoing. We are very confident that this will fly, but stay tuned for the final green light.

Expect a call for papers in the next few weeks, spread the word to your colleagues, and more details to follow!