Virtual InterLab, Fall 2012

Because the annual InterLab event is moving to a spring timeframe beginning in 2013, there wasn’t a “live” event this year. However, we hosted a successful online event in the spring and will be hosting yet another FREE Virtual InterLab webinar-based event on November 13 and 14. Descriptions of the two 1.5-hour sessions are provided below.

Virtual InterLab Sessions Redesign: Key players in’s redesign will walk you through the lengthy process. From selling the idea to executives, to messaging, design, content, to choosing a CMS….and all the bumps, bruises, and successes along the way. We learned a lot and we’re happy to share lessons learned and strategic decisions made along the way

Day 1’s session will focus on the overall redesign Strategy. Hear how one small idea originated at an Interlab event just like this, and turned into a two-year, multidisciplinary transformation of We’ll discuss the project plan, pitching the concept to executives, funding, usability and stakeholder analysis, and aligning the site with corporate communications goals. Then, we’ll progress into how we chose to use Cascade as the CMS. Also, learn about the hunt for strong content, the content approval process, and ongoing efforts to ensure content remains high quality and meets industry standards.

Day 2’s session will cover Implementation. Team designers and developers will discuss’s visual design and how it tied in with corporate branding and other redesign decisions. We’ll discuss the core principles, technologies and challenges of implementing responsive design, as well as the technical implementation of the Cascade CMS: from navigation and browser considerations, to developing workflows.
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