Important changes in event information

This message is for people who have already registered for Virtual InterLab as of Wednesday, April 18th at 3:45PM: Due to unexpectedly high demand for this event and a need to increase capacity, the GoToMeeting location must be moved to an account with more capacity.

Expect to see a new email from NREL GoToMeeting with Confirmation: “Session 1” and Confirmation: “Session 2” in the subject line. Use the information in these emails to log in to Virtual InterLab.

Older emails from “DOE InterLab Committee” with “Order Confirmation for Virtual InterLab 2012” in the subject line will have the old, outdated event information. Please disregard these notices and use the new information from “NREL GoToMeeting.” We apologize for the confusion.

Each registrant will have a unique login for this event. No additional action should be required by you at this time, except to look for, hang on to, and use this new GoToMeeting event information!

The DOE InterLab Committee


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