Announcing Virtual InterLab 2012

This year InterLab will be a virtual one, delivered to your desk via GoToMeeting live. The dates are set for April 24 and 25. Check out the event page for more details, or register now:

Please note that there are two events listed – register for each one you intend to attend!

We decided to host a virtual webinar series this year for several reasons:

  • We decided to move the live convention event to be hosted in the spring.
  • To test the format for delivering web-based conferences via the Internet which would:
    • Save on travel costs
    • Reach out to a wider audience within the DOE web community

Full details may be found at the event page.


The New InterLab Site

Announcing the new home of DOE InterLab!

This site is the new home of the InterLab community of web design and development professionals. Here we will house all future conference information as well as post information pertinent to our community whenever it becomes relevant. This will be an active site so please subscribe via RSS or Twitter to keep yourself updated.